Monday, May 2, 2016

New toys arrive - Free figure up for grabs.

I indulged in a little retail therapy and just got in the first few items. I bought some industrial MDF buildings on Ebay. They just arrived. The buildings filled my cubical with this wonderful woodsmoke smell from the laser cut mdf. They came in a package with two smaller packages withing them. There are a total of five buildings in the lot. I got them at a great price but the shipping was a bit high. More than the buildings. My only gripe - NO INSTRUCTIONS. I will email the vendor and see if he has anything.

Next up is the first part of my order from Brookhurst. I ordered six packs of figures from them but only three were in stock. The one I was really waiting on came in. The Scots preacher from the ECW. I love the pose. He is waving a book about in one hand as if he is preaching up a storm. I can really use him and the dog. The scot lancer on the other hand, I have no use for. Anyone want him? Let me know and I will ship him off. Nice figure but I am 99.9% sure I will not do any ECW armies anytime soon. I need to know my limits.

the other two packs are command packs form British Light Infantry and British Legion Infantry. Since I just finished off my British Legion cavalry, I need som infantry to go along with them. Unfortunately the three packs of infantry were the part that did not make it yet. Oh well. They will show up.

Still waiting on my copy of Sharp Practice v2. I have my PDF so I good to go, but just want the book. And the cards. And the markers. And the chips. Quick update. looking at the British Legion command pack and the Light infantry command pack, I have extra figures here too. I will only need one officer for the British Legion infantry. I only intend on painting three groups of these fellows. So I have two officers up for grabs here and two musicians. Then I have six different officers for the light infantry. That leaves four that I don't need. I am getting lazy and will only paint one of each pose. One I will use for my New Jersey Volunteer Light Infantry and the other for my Delancey Brigade troops. I don't like my existing Delancey officer so it will be a good replacement.

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