Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - Extras

I am very fortunate that I already have the three carts needed for the support lists for the AWI. But what I lacked was an engineer and his six crew. Then I started thinking. What I have is some civilian characters holding tools. These will work perfectly for my engineers. I have several Peter Pig Enthusiastic workers. I also have the Blue Moon FIW Civilian pack. The Blue Moon pack is fantastic. It has a guy running a plow, several farm workers, children and other useful figures. My favorite is a richly dressed fat man. There are at least two of these in the pack. This will be the the physic for my AWI forces. Another favorite is a guy holding a duck and a shotgun. These need to be painted up. They have been languishing in the bin for a long time.

Then I rediscovered Stone Mountain Miniatures. They have some nice extra pieces. I decided that I needed some extras. First up was their set of campfires, pots and wood piles. Then a homestead with pigs and pigstye wound up in the cart. This was followed by the army supply depot and battlefield debris from their ACW range. In all, it should provide some useful clutter for the tabletop. Especially for many of the AWI actions in South Carolina. These had a number of surprise attacks on encampments.

The one thing that I was looking for was a Holy Man for my AWI Sharp Practice forces. In 15mm, I was not able to find a suitable figure until I decided to surf through Peter Pig's ECW line. What I found was item number 57 Game markers pack 3: Scots ensign, preacher, dog (3 pieces). The Scots ensign is worthless to me but the preacher and dog are perfect. Every table needs a friendly dog running around. The preacher looks like he would fit in just fine. That is a must purchase for me now. Then I saw an item that would be really cool. they have a Countdown Slab. This is a panel with holes in it marked 1 through 12. It would be great for tracking force morale in Sharp Practice. Paint a little miniature marker to march down the slab. I'll put that on the later list.

Anyway, I have spent some more time on the Campaign part of my AWI scenario book. We will see what happens.