Friday, May 6, 2016

Proud Papa Moment

Well, CreateSpace has just delivered a hard copy of In the Name of Roma. They did a great job. It honestly came out WAY better than I thought it would. I am just pleased as punch with the result.

It can be purchased here:

I just had to take a picture of it. It is about 200 pages long in print form. The price for the hard copy is pretty steep so I don't actually expect to sell any. This is definitely a vanity item for me that was worth the price of the proof to do. I will definitely have to do a better cover if I print any of the others in the future. But for now, I am happy with it.

The pic also has a draft of my Marion book. the flags on the side are all of the places that still need work. Its coming along. I just need to get busy and write.

And now for something completely different

On another note, our very own Mad Padre had a post about some rather nice toys that he bought from 6 Squared. I was impressed by the toys and went to their site in hopes of finding something in my size. Sure enough, they have a limited 15mm line of products. What they had was some useful bits of scatter terrain. I really liked the look of their hay bales so I ordered that as well as a pack of crates and bags. All useful. lastly, I bought their dock. It is a small jetty that would fit on my River terrain sections. Overall, I am very happy. They need some trimming and work but they will be very nice. BEST of all, look at their blog. They provide step by step instructions on painting each item. To me, that is wonderful news.

All in all, a nice value. I just wish I had more haystacks than the hay bales in the pack. Happy customer all around.


  1. Must be very rewarding to see your work in print. After retirement, I may may try my hand a writing too.

    Say, I have not checked in for a very long time since blogger does not show your blog as being updated for over a year. Quite strange and I must pop back in more frequently. I see you have not been idle.

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