Friday, May 13, 2016

Terrain Time - Impudent Mortal

I had trouble sleeping last night so I decided to get productive. I had picked up a set of the ruined Impudent mortal kickstarter at Cool Minis or Not. I had their town set from the actual kickstarter. Last night i glued it all together. I had previously finished one of the town pieces and glued one other. Now they are all glued.

I turned a wonderfully neat package into a tabletop of destruction. At $45, the IM ruined city set is a great value. Now to start finishing them. Seeing what Matt has done with his Achen terrain has really motivated me.

I also started to base my Francis Marion miniature. If I run into sleep issues tonight, I may work on the standing tank farm and warehouse from Impudent Mortal. They did a great job of putting their instructions online and easy to find.

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