Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sick Day, Research and Painting

I ended up catching a cold over the weekend. Despite this, I was able to get some painting done. I have painted up my first Cold War Soviet Motor Rifle Squad and three BMP-1s. I have most of the miniatures that I need. I really don't have appropriate looking Squad leaders but they really do not differ from the other AK toting fellows so I will use regular riflemen to fill in the vacancies and base them on a round base. Below is what I have done. They still need some Matt Varnish but are just about there.

I found some books that I managed to locate to help me out for this. The first set is an Army Field Manual set on the Soviet Army.

THE SOVIET ARMY : Operations and Tactics FM 100-2-1 (Soviet Army)

FM 100-2-3, The Soviet Army, Troops, organization and equipment

The FM 100-2-2 is available on the net. There is the 1985 version floating around somewhere that I managed to find. Unlike the much shorter field manuals for The Infantry Platoon and Squad, these are huge volumes with an incredible amount of information. I started to read the Operations and Tactics Field Manual. It is interesting but probably not what I am ultimately looking for.

Anyway, The miniatures painted up quickly and I should be able to knock out the other two squads in no time. Probably once I can breathe again. Breathing is definitely not over rated.

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