Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Next Endeavors

Now that I finished CSS Appomattox, I am looking for where to direct some focus. I am tempted to return to Sharp Practice. Its such a great game. I have some ideas for another AWI Book and some material for a campaign between the Ottomans and the Russians with it. I have about 20 pages of work done on the Ottomans but last time I touched it was in 2011. The AWI book is just theory at this point.

Also I want to do some more with Chain of Command. I am trying to figure out if the Force List contest stuff will be used at all. If not, I want to take my Action at Ustilug stuff and flesh it out a bit more and do something with that. That and I have been getting some wonderful terrain bits for the Eastern Front.

I do know that I want to get some more Wild West stuff done. I am hoping that I have been good enough this year and Santa will bring me some more items to flesh out the small start I have on that project. This would be nice as it is something I can do as a pickup game with my son. If I am lucky, I might drag Brian into it with me. I purchased the Fist Full Of Lead rules and they look like a great starting point.

There are some things I want to do with the American Civil War as well. I have the miniatures to do some larger games now. I have some terrain as well but that is neglected. I am thinking about some scenarios that are on the larger side. Something like a battalion or so of troops rather than a company per side as in Terrible Sharp Sword. Still in the thinking about it stage.

There is also what I had started with the Zulus. This project has been so neglected. I will come back to it eventually.

Lastly, there is a followup to CSS Appomattox that I am thinking about. That will wait to see if the first one has any kind of success. Thus far, it is not doing to bad.

What projects are ya'll working on.

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