Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ACW Scenarios

I have been doing some more research on the Kanawha Valley Campaign of 1861. i think I will focus on the actions that occurred after the Little Napoleon (MacClellan) left for his bigger command. So that gives actions that occurred from roughly mid July through December 1861.

There is a bunch of good information available on this campaign to be had. Here are a few of the items that I am looking at:
War Diaries: The 1861 Kanawha Valley Campaigns - This one is in my wish list at the moment. I hope to pick it up over Thanksgiving.
Battle of Scary Creek: Military Operations in the Kanawha Valley, April-July 1861 - This book should prove interesting. It too is in my wish list.
Robert E. Lee and the 35th Star - I own this one. I found it in a second hand book store while working on The Coming Thunder. It is not bad and gives a decent overview of the campaign.
The Glories of War: Small Battle and Early Heroes of 1861 - This is one of my favorite books on the actions in Virginia in 1861. Very easy to read and packed with details that any scenario writer needs. This proved invaluable for The Coming Thunder. He takes great care in walking through the little things that lead to bigger actions. This is definitely on a must read list if you have any interest in the early war period.

I have also managed to find some unit histories as well as the memoirs of one of the Union Generals - Jacob Cox. I should have plenty to read over the week of Thanksgiving.


  1. If it's as good as the others you've done (and no reason why not) it'll be excellent. Now get on with it!


    1. Thanks. Trying to find a description of a skirmish now that the history of the 45th Virginia Infantry calls "so minor that it was not noted in any company records."

  2. Hi Chris:
    I would be really interested in this. Cox gained a reputation as a good commander and his troops, which became the Kanahwa Division of the AoP, were rated as good ones. They had a significant part in one of my favourite battles, Fox's Gap, just before Antietam. Looking forward to what you find out.

    1. So far, what I have read of Cox's book, I am impressed with him. I am looking forward to doing more work on this. I am, of course, sidetracked again. I have started the sequel to CSS Appomattox and am still trying to write up the last two games I played last week.

    2. What's the bibliographic info for Cox's memoirs? I'd like to look for those.