Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stone Mountain Miniatures

I managed to get a hold of a brochure of their AWI offerings. It seems that they have a nice variety of things that would be useful for the Southern Campaign. This pictures of the miniatures in the two page flyer look promising and the prices seem very reasonable.

They are packaged with 21 troops, 1 officer, 1 drummer and a flag bearer to a pack for $7.25. I will have to give their militia a try. You are also able to order individual figures as well for $0.35 per foot figure. Cavalry comes in a package of 12 miniatures for the same $7.25. Only British or American Dragoons are available though.

Interesting to note is that they have an officer looking figure looking through a spyglass. I will probably try to order that miniature whenever I get around to placing an order.

The one thing that they and most manufacturers lack is mounted infantry. It seems only QRF and Lancashire Miniatures offer those. QRF's mounted infantry is four figures to a pack with only one pose in the pack. I have not been able to order the Lancashire ones yet so I have no idea how well they would do.


  1. The Stone Mtn figs are very similar to Minifigs in size and posturing. In other words pretty bland. They make a nice casualty pack though-I think its just some regular figures that are flattened. They will look fine with the Freikorp minis but don't mount them next to Lancashire's (18mm).

  2. Thanks. I just ordered some Lancashire as well. I picked up their Southern Tories, Tory Command, Rebel Militia and Rebel Mounted Militia in Hunting shirts.

    I did not see any mounted troops that I wanted from Stone Mountain so I will see how they infantry looks with the OG infantry I have painted up.