Monday, November 23, 2009

Google Analytics & Other nonsense

While reading the "This One's Split" blog a few weeks ago, I learned about Google Analytics. Absolutely nifty little tool. Using this, you can track how many people actually visit your blog. Saturday November 21st seems to be a banner day as I had 6 visits! Whoo Hoo!. :)

Anyway, it is a very clever tool that would prove to be really useful for someone who gets significant traffic to their blog or any website and it is absolutely free. Thank you Google.

Anyway, enough of that. I have just purchased from, two finished river sections of terrain (JR Miniatures - muddy river). I have a home made bridge section that was about 11" long that looked just silly with just felt on either side of it to serve as a stream or river. Now I have a mighty river for my gaming table of a whole 31.5" in length! Hmm.... I guess I know what to ask Santa for this year.

They seem to be nice sections that should match up enough with my home made piece and will look much better than the felt I had been using. Once Thanksgiving is over, I will try to get a game in at home. Something just to use my AWI items with again and to keep up the enthusiasm for the follow up for This Land Divided.

So here is my question for my faithful readership (yes, all 6 of you), what do you believe is the most essential piece of terrain that you have/use on your wargames table? Which piece do you find makes it on to the table time and time again?

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  1. Trees. Can never have enough. And if you're doing games that are based in No America, there will be always be loads of 'em.