Friday, November 13, 2009

FreiKorps Order Arrives

Again, I am very happy with these miniatures. The personality pack is very nice. Why they depict Greene reading a book, I am not too sure. The Gates figure is very nice with his hand out pointing to something important, I am sure. The American Colonels pack has two figures with Tricorns and one with some cavalry looking hat. The British Colonels are very nice indeed. Two have their swords out and look very commanding. These will make their way to the painting table in short order. Problem is, between now and Christmas, I doubt there will be much painting time and even less game time.

Hopefully I can get some more work done on the follow up to "This Land Divided." I have 14 scenarios blocked out and three of them are complete. The text is pretty much complete. All that remains is the order of battle for the engagements and maps. That and not getting distracted by another period - say Dark Ages - while Richard keeps churning out more and more excellent work on Lard Island.

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