Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lancashire & Freikorps Miniatures

I just placed an order for some of their miniatures. I am getting a pack of their Southern Tories and Tory Command. I am also picking up some of their Rebel Militia and Mounted infantry. Reviews of Lancashire on are not that flattering but they do have things that few other manufacturers have.

Between my Lancashire order and the Stone Mountain order I should have plenty of Rebel Militia infantry. I will have a total of 12 mounted infantry. I am just hoping that the Lancashire mounted infantry will not be too out of place with the Freikorps mounted infantry. The Freikorps mounted troops for the AWI are bigger than their infantry counterparts.

I did get a few more Freikorps miniatures. I picked up some mounted Colonels for my Rebels and British and one of their personalities packs (Greene, Gates and Washington). Interesting selection in that pack. Not sure why they would not have put in Sumter or Marion instead of Washington or even Benjamin Lincoln.

This leaves me with nearly a complete rebel force for the Southern theater. I have some more work to do for my Loyalists but they are coming along. What I would like to do is obtain some British Legion Cavalry and a few guns to round everything out. The British Legion cavalry should not be an issue as everyone seems to have these in 15mm. But Galloper guns are another story. I know that Minifigs makes them but they are in a large bag when I only want one or two per side. Artillery was generally rare in militia battles so having a huge pack of them does not make sense. Anyone have a spare galloper gun laying about their bits box?

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