Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lancashire Miniatures Arrive

I just received my miniatures from Lancashire ( they are rather nice models.

The first pack is: ARC9 Light Infantry/ Mounted in Hunting Shirts.
There are four models in two poses. The first pose is a man with slung rifle holding a sword out in front of him wearing a tricorn hat and a hunting shirt. The second is a man cradling a rifle in a round hat. Both are nice poses but have some flash on them that will need to be corrected. They look very compatible with my Freikorps mounted infantry.

The second pack is: ARB10 Southern Tories.
The southern Tories have ten miniatures in just one pose. The pose is well done of a soldier marching at shoulder arms. Again the hats seem a bit larger than they should and ride rather low on the miniatures head.

The third pack is: ARB11 Tory Command.
The command pack has two drummers, two officers and two standard bearers. The officers are holding their swords out in front of them. The drummers are holding their drums. The standard bearers have a cast on standard poles. The metal is very soft on the standard poles which might prove difficult later on. The hats are pulled low over the eyes of each of the miniatures. This is the opposite issue than the OG Militia drummer has with his hat pushed far on top of his head as if it were several sizes too small. there is little to no flash on the miniatures and they seem to have very nice detail.

The fourth pack is: ARA1 Militia
11 miniatures were included in this pack. Three are loading weapons, three resting on them, three cradling their rifles and two advancing. They come in five different poses and have several different hats. The detail is less pronounced compared to the Tory militia but still quite nice casts.

Overall view:
This was money well spent. The figures look like they would be very compatible with my existing Old Glory miniatures. At least much more so than the Freikorps infantry miniatures. I will try to get some pictures done tonight to give a better idea of what these miniatures look like. The mailing time took slightly longer than Freikorps but not by more than a couple of days. I am definitely going to be going back to Lancashire again. My only gripe is that they do not have any artillery - just crew.

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