Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rebel Militia

Well a productive weekend has seen me finish the current Rebel militia that I own. I have them based to use for both Sharp Practice and Taxes, Tea & Tories. I now have four regiments for TTT: a South Carolina Regiment, a North Carolina Regiment and two generic militia regiments. I have not found an image of a Georgia militia flag yet to use.

In addition to the infantry, I finished four mounted infantrymen and three casualty figures. I am looking at getting some additional mounted infantry from Lancashire's line to supplement these and a pack of mounted colonels form Freikorps.

Speaking of Freikorps, this shot shows the size difference between Freikorps and Old Glory. The Freikorps officer looks like the son of the drummer. I am not too wild about the drummer as he looks like he is about to loose his hat at any moment.

Next step is to hose down the whole lot with some matt varnish to protect and dull down the shine from the dip.

After that, I have a Freikorps Officer for my Lauzon's Legion unit to finish painting and about 50 Old Glory Provincial troops to paint. I need to find some decent standard bearers to use for the Provincials as the OG pack only included officers, and buglers in the pack as they were light infantry in round hats.

Also I managed to finish my submission for the Winter Lardy special. Believe it or not, it features Continentals and British Regulars.

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