Monday, June 28, 2021

WOJE Sprint to the Finish Line

Actually made progress on miniatures yesterday. Started on the basing for my Spanish Grenadiers, Scot Big Men and one group of 8 Scots. I got distracted and finished the basing on a group of 10 AWI militia as well. Oh, and two movement trays. This leaves 1 group of 8 Scots left to get the base material on. I am using some generic tupperware that I found keeps the caulk/Sand/paint mixture from drying out so I don't waste a bunch of it when I can only devote a few minutes to this on a given day. Once I finish these last Scots and a few more movement trays, I can start drybrushing and flocking the bases and movement trays. In my head, this should go quick. Reality tends to overcome my estimates.

No pictures today as I only took one and it wasn't very good.

To Do:
1) Prime 4 wall sections and corner fort bastion.

2) Paint above.

3) Assemble trees. (OK, a bit of expanded note here. I bought the coconut basket liner that I read about on the boulder creek website (Luke Towan: Home Depot didn't have it in stock and they are shipping it to me. Being someone of no patience, I ran over to Hobby Lobby. They didn't have it either. But they had this pillow material that was layered synthetic something. I decided to give it a try. I have cut sections for one tree and put it on a skewer. It needs to be glued and primed still but I have hope.)

4) Base Trees - Need to buy something to base them on. May require another home depot trip.

I think that should to it.

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