Friday, June 25, 2021

War of Jenkin's Ear

I started to go back through what is left to complete. I have most of my miniatures painted that I need. I took pictures but they are mostly terrible.

First up is my Darien Scots. I have two groups of eight with four big men and a bag piper. I just need to base them and their movement trays.

I have a decent force of woodland indians for use by either side. Two big men and two groups of ten with some casualties. All are based and ready to go. I have at least one more group of ten on painting sticks the I could finish out, plus a number of casualties as well.

The Spanish Regulars and militia are complete and ready to go. they are based up for a pirate game I ran. They are a bit short of big men with three groups of eight for the militia and regulars and one regular big man and two militia big men. I do have an artillery crew on painting sticks that I never started. Come to think of it, I may have the same for Oglethorpe's men....

What I was really pleased to find is two groups of eight painted Spanish grenadiers. I have not painted their officers yet. And they all need basing. Hope to complete that this weekend.

Speaking of Oglethorpe's troops, I have three groups with officers all based up. I do not have movement trays completed for them. That is a task for the weekend.

Lastly is some terrain items. I have a bunch of pine trees to make and some fort sections to complete out. I hope to base coat the fort pieces at any rate.

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