Monday, June 21, 2021

Testing Ideas

I have a project that I have back burnered for a while. It is a large church for the city of Kharkov. I am reworking a TT Combat model of a Spanish Church. The roof will totally be redone. I am adding to the walls and making the model taller. I have posted on it before.

One thing that I have looked at is changing the windows. The existing model windows will be partially covered from my changes. The thought is to make new windows for it in the updates that I am doing. The original attempts were done with matt board. I am now fooling around with Tinkercad and looking to 3d print the additions. With the new window openings, I am thinking of using a color gel sheet behind the false wall to give the appearane of a window. The church will be built in an intact state. Here is the gel that I am thinking about using:

The result should be nice. I hope. Anyway, the cost should be low enough to risk it. I have done a mock up of two walls so far. The church is in a cruciform shape and the mock ups are for the side wings. I will probably build it so it does not open. Then again, I may change my mind before it is all over.

What are your thoughts on using a gel like this for modeling windows? Is this worth looking into or a waste of time?

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