Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kharkov Church

As I mentioned before, I am using the TT Combat Spanish Church as the basis for this build. I originally worked with matt board to make the facade that I wanted. This proved to be difficult. The board was tough to cut. I had a hard time cutting straight lines.

This is what I was working with. It doesn't show the matt board attempts. I took measurements and spent some time in Tinkercad. I like how it looks. The idea will be to glue this facade to the faces of the original model.

This is the first shot. It would be for the two wings of the Church.

This would be the back part of the church. The plan is to have the roof built with a rod to go as a cap to cover the joins.

This is the front of the church and the top.

Here is anotehr view of the one above to see the details on the cap.

This will be for 15mm miniatures. It should be a large church that would be a dominant structure on the table. I think I should be able to work this so that I can make the roof lift off to game inside the building. I have more work to do before the test prints start. Not to mention buying some more PLA for the printer.

What do you think? My motivation for this is this building.

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