Wednesday, July 17, 2019

For Sale: 20mm US Infantry and Armor

I am posting this up on Bartertown as well as here. If you live in the US and are shopping for some 20mm miniatures, please take a look. I am looking for $115.00 plus shipping in a medium Priority mail flat rate box (14.35 according to the USPS website).

I have:
50 infantry
3 Jeeps
5 halftracks
1 scout car
3 Anti-Tank Guns
5 crew figures
3 mortars (no crew)
10 tanks
1 armored car
2 bazooka teams
2 flamethrower teams
2 .30 MMGs
2 .50 HMGs
and 14 assorted unpainted figures

This should work out to a platoon for Chain of Command or Bolt Action with plenty of support options.

Here are the pictures:

I tried for two different pictures of each grouping. Not sure why I have one jeep all by itself other than I found it after taking the first picture. if you are interested, please reach out to me via the contact tool on the right of this page. Thanks.


  1. I'd like to buy your U.S. figures, if available

    Ron Lange (Btown - ronster)

    1. Fantastic. Please email me at to sort it out.