Thursday, July 11, 2019


Well, I had a little bit of fun money and started surfing the web. I was looking for more sabot bases for Dux Brit and Sharp Practice. One thing I have seen on a few blogs was a single figure sabot base to identify individual leaders. I like the idea. Several companies offer them. Supreme Littleness, Warbases and Greenstuff Industries in particular have them. The last one is a US based company. I decided to go with Warbases for 2 reasons: 1) they were the lowest cost and 2) their individual sabot base was less intrusive than the others.

What I ordered was a 30mm base with a 20mm slot in it. There is just enough room to place a number on it and base it to look like the figures. I bought 12 of them. The plan is to number them one through six in red and blue. This will work for Sharp Practice, Dux Britanniarum and Chain of Command as my leaders are all on the same size base (a US penny).

This will reduce the number of times I end up asking, who is that guy again? During the course of a game. I'll take pictures when they show up. I plan on getting some work done tomorrow on my ships and possibly some empty bases to put in my sabot bases when casualties are taken. We will see if that happens.

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