Tuesday, August 13, 2019

War of Jenkins' Ear Scenario Book

I have been working on a scenario book for the War of Jenkins' Ear in my spare time. It covers operations in Georgia from June to July 1742. There are scenarios for both Kiss Me Hardy (with To Covet Glory changes) and Sharp Practice (V2). There are four Sharp Practice scenarios of which three are historical and one is fictional. The KMH scenarios include six historical scenarios. These are tied together so they can be played as a campaign in and of themselves or separately as stand alone games.

One of the scenarios is an ambush scenario covering the Battle of Bloody Marsh. In this, the Spanish are surrounded and must fight their way free from the ambush.

I also have created a free ranging campaign for both rule sets based on Rich's All At Sea article from one of the TFL specials. With it, the players assume control of either the Georgian (Oglethorpe) forces, South Carolina Navy, Royal Navy, Spanish forces or Spanish Privateers. They conduct a map campaign until the forces meet and then engage in battle at land or sea. Separate maps are created for the land campaign for the players to use.

The campaign idea is interesting as while the Spanish have complete superiority in numbers, they can't use up these forces as they are needed for the larger campaign which is to press past Georgia and into South Carolina. If the Spanish loose too many men, they are not able to move on to their primary objective and loose the campaign even if they conquer Georgia.

I have been trying to build up my naval components for this campaign as some of the naval battles are quite large. The attack on Fort St Simmons has a huge Spanish Fleet of over thirty ships.

I will be working on a playtest of the campaign soon. Please let me know if you are interested.

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