Monday, April 11, 2016

Reinforcements - Figures & Terrain, have arrived.

I decided to save some time and effort and purchase some more painted miniatures to get my AWI troops settled so I can begin some playtesting. I have been tempted by the miniatures on the GAJO Games website for a long time now. I finally decided to take the plunge and order their 15mm militia packs. My inner cheapskate balked at the price but after painting a whopping 4 figures last week, I realized that purchasing them would be cheaper in the long run.

They arrived on my desk this morning. They are great. I now have 3 groups of militia and one group of militia skirmishers that are awaiting basing. I actually have run out of #10 washers and need to visit Home Depot to sort that out as well.

I did not just stop at figures. I had some spare cash just burning a hole in my pocket. So I jumped on the Noble Knight website and did some shopping. I wanted to have some variety in my rivers that I put out on the table. I have an investment in JR Miniatures river sections. I have just about 5 to 6 feet of 15mm rivers. A while back I bought the wrong thing and ended up with one 10" of 28mm river. Rather than junk that, I bought the 15mm to 28mm connector so I can use it. This time through I made my biggest purchase yet. I bought the 15mm to 6mm connector. Then I bought four feet of 6mm Rivers. These will serve as creeks on the table. Next, I got the lagoon. It is a nice 9" by 5" pond that can be put in my marshy areas. I am working on one scenario for my next AWI book that it will come in handy for. One more 10" section of 15mm river as you can never have quite enough rivers. Lastly, I bought one more section of 28mm river. These bigger sections will be impassible. That should give me all the flexibility that I need.

With some cash left and no one looking, I ran on over to the Game Craft miniatures site. After seeing what Matt G has done with their Matt Board buildings for his Achen game, I wanted to try one out. They are rather inexpensive so I added it to the cart. Next was a building that I have had my eyes on for a bit. Their WWII Government Building with removable floor and internal floor and stairs kit. I am super excited about this. If I can make some removable signage for it, it can double as my train station as well as other significant centerpiece buildings. The kit is rather large and daunting. As always, some candy was thrown into the package. The butterscotch was quite good.

Anyway, this should keep me busy for quite some time to come. I have several city blocks to assemble for my Kharkov campaign. I have my British forces finished for my AWI campaign. (Except for cavalry. I hate painting cavalry.) Now I just need to finish off my Rebels for my AWI and the figures are done. I have old buildings that remain unpainted that should be done as I need a couple for some scenarios.

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