Saturday, April 16, 2016

Terrain Time - Kharkov Terrain

I finally have an evening to myself to work on all the terrain that is languishing on my work bench. Workbench is not the right term. I have a TV tray with the stuff stacked too high to work on. With my wife and child in slumberland, it is time to go to work.

First up is some new basing material for my buildings. Copying a page out of Matt G's book, I grabbed some 1' by 2' tiles from Home Depot that have a nice concrete sidewalk look to them. I am still not settled on how wide to make the sidewalks. Looking at pictures of Kharkov from the 1940s, they were rather variable in size. Some were quite wide. I am guessing at over 12' wide in places. With those there were nice features such as small trees in planters and phone booths along the way. I intend to make a few of those as well.

The aim is to base the buildings to that I have city blocks to use as building blocks to create my city with. Between the city block will be the nice sections of cobblestone road that I have picked up. One thing that I apparently need is some cable car tracks. I wonder if I could use normal train tracks in between sections of cobblestone street?

So, what did I do?

First off is the Foundations of War warehouse. It was EXTREMELY fiddly to make. The result is not bad even with my unskilled hands.

It has tons of detail. Now I just need to texture and paint the thing. It comes with a file cabinet, a chair and a table. Tons of detail. But there are no guides for glueing the walls together. You have to glue straight edges together and hope for the best. Still, it turned out OK.

Next up are two buildings that I picked up on Ebay.

These came with NO instructions. I need to add the details on one of them still but I am mostly happy with them.