Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Work on my AWI Troops

I decided to go through the rest of my lead pile and work out what I have in terms of miniatures beyond my immediate painting table.

New York Volunteers: 13 additional troops. That would bring me to five total groups of infantry for this unit.

Delancey's Brigade: 22 additional troops. This would give me two more groups of infantry and a group of skirmishers. I already have painted or partially painted two groups of infantry and a group of light infantry for this brigade.

British Legion Cavalry: I have 16 unpainted miniatures. The problem is that at least one of these is the musician and the other is an officer. Groups are 8 in size for cavalry. I will have to figure something out with this. Probably just buy another pack of the Peter Pig fellows and be done with it.

British Legion Infantry: I have one figure. That won't do much good. I think the folks at Peter Pig threw him in as a bonus or something.

Militia: Ah, my favorite troop type. I have enough for three groups of 10 figures and a group of skirmishers.

Artillery: I have another set of gun crew and a cannon. That would give me one militia crew and gun and one British crew and gun. That should be plenty.

Here, I have far less in terms of troop types.

Mounted Militia: I found I have 14 of these fellows. I already have four painted up. So that gives me two groups to play with.

Militia: I have been lazy. I did not realize how many figures I had laying around. I have 54 unpainted militia. That is another five groups of them to field. If I can get paint on them.

Artillery: I have one militia gun crew and another cannon. In a pinch, I could always borrow the militia artillery from the Loyalists if it came down to it. So plenty of troops.

Dead: These were a happy find. I have nineteen dead figures that I need to paint up. I also have six dead horses. That should be plenty to scatter around the battlefield. I am hoping my militia will break long before i have to put out 22 dead figures.

That brings me to a sobering thought. At my painting pace, I won't finish these until I am 80. Anyone know of a reasonable US based painter? I need some militia painted up.

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