Monday, March 14, 2016

Sharp Practice 2 and New Napoleonics Figures

Early in the month, I was cruising through eBay looking for a way to quickly update my Napoleonic troops. I was looking for some painted miniatures and came across a company from China. They are selling painted miniatures. They were selling some rather nice looking troops. I thought about getting some riflemen but decided on regular line infantry to fill out the ranks that I already have. Well for about $30, I picked up 24 very nicely painted miniatures. They arrived way quicker than the promised turn around time on eBay.

So I have eight fellows painted up to be in a center company. Six fellows who look to be grenadier company men and four guys in the light company. then there are two fellows in strange hats that I don't recognize yet. Any ideas out there? I could not find them on google but I honestly did not look that hard. My go to site: let me down.

They also came with an officer, a drummer, an ensign and a line sergeant. Very useful stuff here. They normally shipped based but I want to change up my existing basing to sabot basing with an 8 spot sabot and the figures mounted on small washers. A quick note on checkout and they showed up unbased. I could have probably told them buff facings too. Anyway, I will see how well they mix with my existing fellows. I know mine had buff facings and these guys are yellow so there will be some touch up.

I am very happy with my purchase and would be glad to buy from them again.

Other Stuff

I finished the first scenario for the new AWI scenario book. It is coming along quite nicely. Spent some miniature money on books for research. Been enjoying reading up on Marion and his battles. What I need are 2 playtesters who can run the scenarios and give me feedback. I am doing my testing in 15mm. I need to know if they will work as well in 28mm or 15mm from someone who does not have the ideas in his head and is reading too much between the lines that is not explicitly stated. Any takers? I just finished the battle at Great Savannah and am starting on the skirmish at Kingstree next.


  1. Those are a good price for that quality, the two figures, light infantry (skirmishers) or grenadiers? What is the name of the site in China?

    1. 26wargamelady2011 is the userid. Here is the link to their other auctions.

      From what I can see, they are eBay only.

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  3. A good deal, and AB figures to boot.

    The "two fellows in strange hats" - I assume you're referring to the two in the top right of the photo. If so they're wearing forage caps in place of their shakos, so they're not in full dress the 'orrible specimens. However I'm sure it would be a relatively common occurrence on campaign.