Friday, March 4, 2016

Delancey's Brigade and AWI Sharp Practice


I managed to stay up last night and work on 8 more members of Delancey's Brigade. This force is coming along quite nicely. I now have 10 infantry, an officer and a trumpeter. The figures are Old Glory and look like they would make great skirmishers or light infantry. I also started work on another set of my New York Volunteers as well. They have more of a line infantry look. Still progress is being made.

New Scenario Book in the Works

I just gave a read through of the latest playtest version of the Sharp Practice v2 rules. I got excited about it. The intent was to update This Land Divided and With Fire and Sword to work with the new rules. Well, what it did do was start me down the path of the 3rd book in the series. Tentatively, it is titled "Damned Old Fox" after Tarleton's quote when he was chasing Francis Marion's men across the South Carolina swamps.

This Land Divided covered actions in the Georgia backwoods in 1779. With Fire and Sword followed Elijah Clarke into South Carolina following the fall of Charleston as well as the actions of Thomas Sumter. I have excluded Francis Marion's battles even with my Camden Campaign from the TFL 2009 Christmas Special. Now I am circling back to his actions beginning in August of 1780 and following him up to his appointment as a Brigadier General under Nathaniel Green in December of 1780.

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