Monday, December 1, 2014

Tan, Rested and Ready

Giving Thanks

Well its been a marvelous week away from work and responsibilities but its time to get back to work. I have much to be thankful for. The biggest thing right now is for a father-in-law willing to drag my family all the way to the Caymans for Thanksgiving. I am very blessed.

ACW Scenarios

But never fear, I was not idle while lazing away in the islands. I have been diligently at work. OK, ok, I was somewhat working on my ACW scenarios. Enough that I think i will get in a few games this week to test some stuff out. There are a number of skirmishes that occurred in Western Virginia that there is only the briefest of mentions made of. Typically there is a date and a loose location of where it occurred. Regimental histories published after the war gloss over these small engagements and frequently ignore them all together. But these are perfect sized scenarios for Terrible Sharp Sword.

So I was playing around with the notion of trying some out. One in particular caught my mind. It was fought between Union 3 months troops whose term of service was about to expire and raw untrained Virginia militia. This was before Virginia had even voted on secession. Many shots were fired but almost no one was hit. Terrible Sharp Sword makes this scenario very doable with the shock system and the training levels that are part of the system.

But what about scenarios larger than company sized? This is where I am starting to struggle. I am thinking of making scenarios at several different scales. I love TSS as a system. There is optional rules to expand units out for larger battles as well. But there are other rules out there that do this too. So I am looking at possibly using They Couldn't Hit an Elephant and some rules from Captain Games. With the battles I am looking at, I am not sure that I will have any big enough for TCHAE. But we will see. I am still only working on things in June/July of 1861 at the moment so its still early.


It almost escaped me that Ken Reilly started to follow this blog. Ken is the owner of Yarkshire Gamer. He has some recent posts with a great looking WWII Western Desert Game and some Spanish Civil War stuff going on there. Please stop by his site and visit. Welcome aboard Ken.

I am a Winner

I just received some rather nice treats in the mail when I came home on Sunday. A package was waiting for me with some pill boxes and some dragon's teeth all in 15mm. I had entered the TFL's blog Force List contest for Chain of Command. I placed well (honorable mention or something) and the prize was these great terrain bits.

These are great. I need to paint up the dragon's teeth as I need road blocks for my chain of command games. I will paint up the pill boxes as well. I think these are supposed to represent pill boxes used in England in preparation for the German Operation Sea Lion that never happened. Anyone know if these will work for Soviet pill boxes in 1941? Just curious as I will probably use them for that anyway.

There was more that I was going to tell ya'll about but it has left my mind. Anyway, glad to be home again.


  1. Glad you got them. Type 22 and 24 British standard for Sea Lion. Though I think only the Brits were so organized as to have a complete catalogue of bunkers. ;)

  2. Thanks again. They are really nice casts. I am looking forward to getting these ready for a game. i would assume the Germans would have a catalog system as well for their bunkers but I could be wrong there. Probably less so for the Soviets.