Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

As we approach year's end, I realize that this is probably my last post for the year. What a fantastic year it has been. I was able to get in more games than I did in 2013. I painted more figures than 2013. All in all, it was a very productive year.

This year we did a few giveaways. I saw record traffic on the blog only to have it die off to a trickle in November. Still, its been great fun. Thank you all for visiting.

Next year, I hope that things pick right back up. On the Vis Lardica site, the painting challenge was a great motivator. I ended the year with over 500 points. I am quite pleased with that.

That beings up what should I try to accomplish in 2015?

Here are my loose goals.
1) Complete a scenario book for the American Civil War in West Virginia.
2) Get some AWI figures painted that have been languishing in the lead pile in preparation for another AWI book.
3) Get some Old West terrain and get in some regular games with my son.
4) Play more Chain of Command.
5) Play some games of Terrible Sharp Sword.
6) Work some more on my Roman Dux project.
7) Get an article into both the Summer and Christmas 2015 TFL specials.

I want to try to keep it simple. I think these are doable goals. They are just vague enough that they should be within reach.

What are your plans for the new year?

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  1. I've never set plans for myself before, but 2014 has seen me move more seriously into this hobby than I had previously. That, coupled with a need to consolidate before I spread myself too thin, means I'm going to definitely have to work out a plan / resolution for 2015.

    One thing I know that is for certain is I'll need to carefully consider which shows to attend / support next year. In years previous I'd attended the Partizan show, near Nottingham, which was THE northern show (mainly due to its proximity to Nottingham and Foundry / GW etc) but after visiting the new Vapnartak show, at York, I would say that this is far more impressive than Partizan, which hasn't moved with the times and it's venue is now dated. As to local shows there is the small Durham show, which is unfortunately a bit of a waste of time, the New Shildon show, which is great fun as it's in a working train yard / museum, and then there's the Middlesbrough show, which Pendraken Miniatures is working on improving and growing. I'll probably drop Durham, visit Shildon and see if I can help to boost Middlesbrough.

    Other than that, I still need to figure things out. (no pun intended).