Monday, December 1, 2014



I remember some of the other stuff I was supposed to post on. I recently pointed to a rather interesting site for scratch builders: Expanded Polystyrene Supplies. This is one of those web shops that has much to offer if you have the imagination for scratch building. I am not that much of one. I need directions and a clear list of what is needed. My scratch building efforts normally leave me with my fingers super glued together. But I know that some of you who follow this are superb builders.

The other resources that I have been alerted to are more writing specific. Some of you out there are possibly cheering that I found these. The first up is a plugin for Word called Ginger. It does some grammar checking and the like but needs an open internet connection do to it. Thus far I am happy with it.

The next one is a stand alone editor called Hemingway Editor. This one is nice in that you do not have to be on-line. I have to copy and paste from word to use it but it seems pretty good. Hopefully this will improve my work going forward. I was impressed enough to buy it.

Thank You

I need to give a big Thank you to the two reviewers of the CSS Appomattox. Especially the second one. That was very helpful to me and I will be making the suggested changes.

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