Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Centurions Arrive

I just got my order from QRF for my Centurions. Over all, I am pleased with the pack. They all have transverse crests like I wanted. Five of the eight are in chain mail armor. An of the five, three look like they are ready for a fighting formation while two are carrying their vine sticks. So that gives me three usable miniatures out of the pack. I may use one of the vine stick wielding fellows but I am not sure.

Pardon the picture quality. I took it on my desk at work. If anyone is interested in the scale armored fellows and the six shields, I will gladly send them to you for cost of postage.

What they are missing is the phalerae that is worn over their armor. Any centurion should have something there in either gold, silver or bronze. It was held on with leather strapping in a grid pattern. I am not sure if I have the energy to attempt to model this onto the figure. 15mm is kinda small for my fat fingers to make such a small change. I grew rather frustrated trying to mod my padre figure for my Italians in 15mm. I don't think I will try it here.

I plan on getting a pack of the QRF signifers and possibly a pack or two of their auxiliaries as well. That should give me lots of flexibility.


  1. Shame you could not make full use of them, they do look nice though


    1. I was not holding my breath on that. I am partially waiting on the Khurasan offerings which should be released soon. I just hope the size difference is not too much.