Sunday, September 14, 2014

From Empire to Revolution Update

Rich just sent me the latest proofs of my Mud and Blood supplement. It is looking fantastic. I am so excited to see this starting to really come together. It is getting closer and closer to being published.

So far it has detailed information for the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires. Including Stormtrooper and JadgKommando information. I have details on cavalry formations and the changes to the standard infantry formations throughout the war.

I am anticipating updates on the scenarios over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping that this may launch as early as my birthday (October 7th for those who were wondering and wanting to send presents).


  1. Sounds great, you must be really excited to be so close to publication


  2. Yes. Very excited about this one. I have been waiting for a long time to have this one see the light of day.

  3. Darn it. I just told my mate this had been released, better update him it's due out in October.

  4. This is great Chris. Will it also include the allies that fought on both sides on the Eastern Front?

    1. No. It started out as a much more ambitious project. But once I started trying to find Data for the Ottomans, Bulgarians, Romanians and others my head started to swim. It was tough enough to find data on the AH and Russians. I really am lazy at heart. :)