Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CSS Appomattox - Novel and Roman Stuff

Well, I have submitted my book to some folks who are proof reading it. It looks like by the end of the month I might be able to put it up on Amazon. That might be wishful thinking given the notes I received on the first chapter.

I think I mentioned this project once before. It is set close to 1880 in an alternative history where the Confederacy won its independence through the recognition of France and Great Britain. The Confederacy has aligned itself with Spain and is fending off the colonial ambitions of the Germans who are trying to seize Puerto Rico.

I am excited to have this project mostly completed. This puts 2 items close to being published (Mud and Blood supplement that Rich is working on).

Roman Stuff

The tower now has a base that it is resting on. I am trying to figure out how to do the stone work for the base. I will be cutting up some matchsticks to frame it and provide the base for the ladder to reach the door. Next up will be making the tiled roof. I am not sure why I want to go with a tiled roof other than I just want to. I have a plan for how I will go about this. It will be based on round, plastic coffee stirrers. Basically, I plan on cutting them in half long ways. Then over lap them to provide the tile look. Glue the mess together and when it is dry, cutting it in strips and gluing it down. It probably won't work but I have high hopes. I will try to take pictures as I go.

Next up are some more Roman Auxiliaries. The miniatures are done all but for basing and shields. The standing pack of CB roman auxiliaries all came with the shields as part of the miniature. These had the shields separate. I actually like that better. I have the shields painted except for the edges. Then I still need to dip them in my watered Windsor and Newton ink and varnish. The designs are the same as the other Romans but I don't think I had quite as steady a hand this time. I will probably base the miniatures first before finishing off the shields.

I only have 2 more packs of CB auxiliaries left to paint. Both are with swords drawn. They should be at least started before the week is out. I will then have 34 auxiliaries. That is a less than half strength centuria but enough lead to start pushing around the table to see if some of my ideas will work. I will probably get a bag of Rebel minis Auxilia to flesh the centuria out. Any day I should get my QRF centurions.

That is it for this update. Hopefully I will have more soon and with pictures.

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