Monday, September 8, 2014

Roman Terrain and a tree

I did manage to get some work done over the weekend. I built a Warbases Roman watch tower. I really like the model. It came together pretty quickly as far as that goes. But once assembled, It struck me that it did not look like the reconstructions that I have seen along the German Limes. Then again, the reconstructions might not have looked like that actual thing either. What I wanted for the look I am going for is having the entry door raised above the ground. Right now, it looks too short to me. So I am adding a block of foam under neath it. This will provide a bit more height to it and allows for a ladder to access the doorway instead of it being on the ground.

Here is the model as it stands so far. The base for it has been cut. Warbases provides a small block of wood to help with the assembly. I will use it on top of the foam as a spot to glue the main tower to it. This should hopefully make it a bit stronger with that join. Then I need to make it look like stone. Not sure how I am going to do that yet but one step at a time.

Next up, was an attempt to make a tree. I saw a great tutorial on He had trees made from repurposed junk. I tried to duplicate that effort. But since 15mm is smaller, I purchased some cheap flower wire instead of coat hanger wire. I then wrapped the shape in floral wrap. It still needs some flocking to make it look more than a dead tree. I wanted a few Larger trees than I currently have. This did not take a huge time investment to get to this point. Once it is flocked, I will determine if it was worth the effort.

Now I need to lay down and try to get over a case of Strep that I picked up somewhere.


  1. Hey Chris what scale is it 15mm or 28mm? I have a 15mm Roman Fort I am interested in selling

    1. Yes. All 15mm terrain. I am interested in the fort. Can you email me a picture?