Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Toys have Arrived

Dean over at Battlefield Accessories USA has just delivered my last order. I had ordered some of his barb wire entanglements. These come unpainted and are short five inch sections with upright posts and a separate string of barbwire. The initial thought is these are just what I need for Chain of Command. Definitely more cost effective than buying the pre-painted Flames of War/Gale Force Nine version of the same. They are slightly smaller than the 6" by 2" linear obstacles called for in the rules but I think they will still do the job.

Next up was a set of rubble and shell craters. These were nice resin items that I will eventually paint up. They look rather nice.

Lastly, I had asked Dean about the suitability for using his cobblestone roads for "Roman Roads." To my great pleasure, he pitched in a painted sample of his cobblestone roads for me. It is a very nice road. It has the flagstone edges that I was looking for. It is wider than the standard roman road as law for the Via Munita was for them to be 8 feet wide (2.4 meters). I think it will be workable. The road is a stiff material and will really only work on a flat surface. It will not bend to any elevations on the board. It does not have drainage ditches on either side of the road but that could be made with a little bit of effort.

I bought a set of the FOW/Gale Force 9 cobblestone roads. Those are nearly double the width of the Battlefield Accessories ones. I am starting to rethink the GF9 roads. The size of the cobbles are absolutely huge in comparison. He has two different sets of roads. The one I have a sample of is the Village road pack. You can get over 2 feet of roads for $15.50. His city roads include side walks and are about $10 more for nearly the same length as the village roads. They are now on my wish list.

Of course I have none of this here now to take pictures of. So you will just have to imagine how great they are (of rush off to their website and look at the pictures. I got the crossroads from the pack "Village Corner Pack - BA24.") I am a very happy customer. I managed to bring them back in from the car and get some quick snaps at my desk. Sorry for the blurry picture of the crossroads. It is very nice.

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