Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Small Update and a Big Welcome.


A warm welcome to Paul Waechter from Dog of War . He has an interesting blog that covers a number of periods. I just started following his blog and he seems off to a great start.

Painting Updates

I got to work last night on a variety of things. My pot of Windsor and Newton ink arrived and I was able to coat my Pict Javelins and Cavalry with it.

I also have a first test piece of rail road track complete. I picked the road crossing. I think it is coming along alright.

In the picture you can see the tiny bit of Zulus that I have completed. The impi commander and sub unit commander are painted up and based now. I sorted through some more things to see what else I have left.

New Stuff

I placed an order with Sergeant Major Miniatures for the remaining Pict spearmen that I need. I also picked up the command pack as well. Looking through my Picts, this order should actually finish off what I need for them.

I have a couple of painted Early Saxons that I never got around to basing. I have the basing material applied to them today but they still need a bit of paint.


I want to get some more work done on my Dark Age civilians. Also I need to get the rest of the train track sorted out. I have a scenario idea for a "Sieze the rail station" scenario from the early war period.

In looking through my items that are Undone, I am thinking of working on the Old Glory/Command Decision Ba-64s that I have. Once that is done, I really need to get in a game.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Chris :-) Looking forward to seeing how your various projects come together. Cheers, Paul.