Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rail Roads, Picts and some Soviet Ba-64s

Working on the Rail Road I just got in my new rail road tracks. I relly like the look of the 15mm tracks from Mark IV Miniatures. I picked up a pack of straight tracks (four feet worth) and one of the road crossing packs. The road crossing is about the same width as my dirt roads. I have gotten the pieces undercoated so far.

I finally started painting these up. Here is what I have so far, 4 skirmishers. I also started on some cavalry. But I am halted in my attempts since I ran out of the ink wash that I have been using. Waiting on the the Amazon sub contractor to deliver.

Yep, the four armored cars have gotten undercoated. Thats all. Just a black undercoat. No paint yet. Oh well.

I bet you thought I had forgotten about these guys. Nope. I managed to start basing the two leaders. These may actually get done in a day or two.



    Not sure if the previous comment worked Chris, but here's a link detailing the winners of my comp.

    1. As 3rd place winner, you've won the remaining prize - a book detailing European armies during the Cold War. Just leave a comment on my blog with your details and I'll get back to you. Congrats!