Sunday, May 18, 2014

Picking up the Paints again

In the first time in well over a week, I am getting some work done on miniatures. I have been working on a pair of oxen and a Ba64 armored car. It feels good to get to finish something. I managed to get the oxen, a pair of peasants and the Ba-64 finished last night. I will base the Dark Age peasants tomorrow (maybe).


Well, when I last talked to you about my Picts, I believe I mentioned ordering some Sergeant Major Miniatures Pict Spearmen and a command pack. They were promptly delivered and were exactly what I wanted. I had small issues with a couple of the castings and mentioned it to the proprietor of Sgt Major and he immediately responded and dropped me replacement figures plus a half dozen more! Great service and much more than I expected.

The command pack from Sgt Major has two mounted fellows in identical poses, two horn blowers and two foot officer types. While they lack some of the dynamism of the Splintered Light line, they are good solid figures and will round out my Pict force rather nicely. Sgt Major has some nice chariots as well if I wanted to go that route for the officer and champion. I may pick them up along with their armored cavalry to give some extra support to my Picts.

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  1. Great to hear that you're back on the brushes, although struggling myself at the moment to make any progress.