Thursday, May 29, 2014


Everyone be nice, we have a new visitor here with us. He goes by the name of Ariel El vikingo dark. He has two blogs and a few other sites. Just as a warning for those of you viewing from work, he seems to have some sort of photography hobby that may not be entirely safe for work. The first is Ricky el vikingo dark and the second is similarly named Ricky el Vikingo. Please give him a warm welcome.


I did manage to finish my four Dark Age civilians and the ox cart. I think I need to water down my wash a bit as the figures came out as if they had rolled around in muck for a bit. Since they are dark age peasants, that does not bother me so much.

Next up to bat are my command and raiders for my Picts. Just a mere 24 figures to paint. Anyone want to bet how long that will take me? I managed to get the flesh painted on last night so I actually have made a decent start. I was surprised too.

I also just picked up an Old Glory/Command Decision pack of Afrika Korps Riflemen. This was a nifty little pack that will flesh out the platoon that I purchased. The painted platoon is all Flames of War. It has three squads of two LMG teams and an NCO and three riflemen. What it lacks for Chain of Command is an additional five riflemen per squad. They are also based for FOW. This is unfortunate as I will be rebasing them. The unfortunate part is the previous owner did a fantastic job of basing them. They look great but are just not what I need.

Missing Figures

Well, in getting my forces ready for Chain of Command, I am finding that I am having a tough time coming up with mine sweepers. I have one Soviet trooper with a metal detector looking thing but that is it. My DAK, British Desert, British BEF, Italians (Russia), Desert Italians, French and US (European) all lack such a mini. I found a FOW pack or two that have them but spending over $10 on a platoon just to get one figure is annoying. Does anyone have any in their spares that they would be willing to sell?

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