Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dux Brit Picts

I think I have mentioned before that I picked up the start of a Pict army from Mark a while back. I have 8 spearmen, four crossbowmen, four slingers, 8 casualties and a leader of some sort that I picked up from him. With the release of the Raiders supplement, I now know what I still need.

Since slingers are not really a part of the Pict force in Dux Brit, they will become part of an Irish force. I did have some Old Glory Picts that I have managed to paint. So here is my Pict Javelin men.

These feature my attempt at painting a plaid of some sort. I am not happy with it but I am not sure I can do any better. Next up is some Pict Cavalry.

Here I have the same plaid attempt as the javelins. I actually like these for some reason. One of them slid forward when I glued him to the saddle when I had my back turned. I thought of prying him up and reseating him but the effort will probably result in me repainting him to some degree. I figured I can live with it.

I also got some new miniatures in the mail. There are two packs of spearmen and a pack of command figures. Each spearman pack comes with 8 spearmen. I have three figures that appear to be advancing and five that are standing there with spears. In all four different casts in the pack. The command pack has two spearmen blowing horns, two mounted fellows with swords, a man standing holding a sword and bear handed fellow who is supposed to look commanding.

The command pack is perfect. It gives me exactly what I need for my Pict army. I can use it for either a mounted option where the champion and lord are mounted or dismounted. I have the other spearman who can serve as the second noble for my force. I already have these fellows on painting sticks and am ready to paint undercoat them this evening.

While I am at it, here are some pictures of other items that I have finished.

A single 6" section of rail road tracks.

A pair of Early Saxon mercenaries.

A pair of Zulu officers for my ever stalled Zulu project.


  1. I love the diversity of what you paint, must help keep boredom at bay! Cheers, Paul.

    1. Thanks. It mostly means that I can't focus on any one thing and end up with many incomplete projects though. It does indeed keep the boredom at bay.

  2. Picts are a must! Which figurines are you using?

    1. The cavalry and Javelins are Old Glory minis. All the rest are Sergeant Major Miniatures (http://www.sgmm.biz/home.asp?) It is part of their Bloody Day 15mm line.