Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1st World Problems

Ugh, I just cracked open a pack of Old Glory/Command Decision T34-85s and started to assemble them. Treads, no problem. Gun barrels, fine. Oil barrel looking things that go on the back of them, I think that is under control. The turret hatches - complete non-fitting pain in the rear. What on earth! They are too big. I will have to file them down to put them in. That means they will look terrible by the time I am done with them.

Anyone have a better idea?

Well, while I am at it, here is what I have tried to work on. First is another small stand of pine trees. Its not bad. I have space for two more trees. I am thinking of making one a fallen dead one and the other a stump.

The next is a stand of trees a la Architects of War. The base is no where near done. The top looks OK except for the hot glue strings. It gives it a sort of spiders of Mirkwood feel. Its coming along.

That's it for now.

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