Friday, November 12, 2010

ACW Terrain

I have recently acquired several new buildings. From JR Miniatures, I picked up a log cabin, a set of 4 outhouses, a L shaped farm house and four tents.

From Hovels, I purchased the Farmstead set that includes a farmhouse, a barn and some hay stacks.

From Blue Moon, I picked up a Stone Blockhouse (ok that is more for my AWI games), a lean to cabin and a two story house.

The JR Miniatures ones came in this week and they look great. I hope to get some painting in over the weekend and post some pictures.

On the painting front, I managed to paint up another group of miniatures for my Terrible Sharp Sword Confederate army. Also painted two standard bearers and a running drummer - all from Eureka miniatures.

One day this week, I will break out the camera and take some pictures of all of this.

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