Sunday, October 10, 2010

A fine day for Lardy Gaming

Today I not only got to play one game of Sharp Practice but I also got to run a game of Terrible Sharp Sword. Mark was kind enough to put on the SP game. What a cracker it was too. A fantastic AWI scenario set around the siege of Savannah. I played a loyalist unit attempting to secure a bridge and destroy it before the arrival of the French hordes. The game pivoted back and forth and hinged on the final turns of the game. I finally had a successful close assault and managed to storm a redoubt to drive out some rebel militia and take their gun. The scenario was one of Mark's best yet.

The game of TSS was a learning experience with the new rules. We played scenario one from the campaign with a half company of troops on either side with two big men each. The game went fairly well for Terry, Mark and my first attempt with the rules. They were fun but it was a very small scenario. We finished in under an hour and a half.

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  1. Chris I've posted those pics to the TFL group. Minor comment from Richard.

    Looking forward to some ACW action. We'll have to do some foraging through your cornfield.