Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Terrain Comparison

I took some pictures side by side of my JR Miniatures terrain and my new Blue Moon terrain. It was a surprise to see just how different the two are size wise. The JR Miniatures door ways are around 10mm tall. A Old Glory ACW Confederate soldier would be over a head taller than the doorway. With the Blue Moon houses, the same miniature would not have to bend over to enter.

Blurry Picture 1
Here is the Lean To Cabin from Blue Moon (left) and a JR Miniatures cabin side by side. The Blue Moon building is far more substantial.

You can see the gap I mentioned before between the removable roof and the base of the building with the Blue Moon building. The JR house looks like it houses munchkins in comparison.


  1. Thanks for posting the comparison pics. How 'bout a coupe of pics of Blue Moon civies and FreiKorps and O G figures. I'll probably pick up a blockhous and a fort gate from B M. Stockade walls are relatively easy to make, but the gate area-not so much.

  2. I will once I paint them up. Hopefully I can take a better picture than I did of the terrain.

  3. I second the appreciation on the comparison pics.