Friday, November 19, 2010

More comparisons

I was really unhappy with the pictures I took of the building I have and decided to fix that.

Lets start with Blue Moon.
Here I have several Old Glory AWI Militia miniatures standing with a Freikorps Mounted Militia figure.

The figures look like they have the ability to enter the building. The roof and the second floor can be removed on the building. Their line is quickly becoming my favorite.

This is the farmstead pack from Hovels. Only the metal fencing is not pictured. The fences are very nice. I like the haystacks. The two barns/outbuildings/chicken coops are nice with a dilapidated look to them. The buildings are similar to JR in that the

It is the same set of miniatures as before. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I still don't have the knack of it yet.

JR Miniatures
These were my first set of buildings that I purchased. These I actually got around to painting. As you can see, the miniatures dominate the building as if they are all NBA basketball players. I liked the cloth roof of the buildings.

The second picture has an example from their tents pack, their outhouse pack and a turf roof cabin.

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