Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blue Moon Manufacturing Terrain

Just got in my terrain from Blue Moon. WOW! The lines are sharp. Few to no bubbles in the resin. And all of them open up to allow miniature placement within them.

15LOM 140 Cabin #6 - Two Story w/ Large Porch
This have a removable roof and second floor. The cabin is a log cabin with a shingle roof. The shingles are rough cut and work well with the building. This will be useful for both the AWI and ACW.

15 LOM 138 Cabin #4 Lean To Style Cabin
The lean to cabin does not fit together as well. There is a gap in the chimney when the two are put together. Other than that, the stone chimney and log cabin look great. The roof is removable and is cut board and not shingle. This will be useful for both the AWI and ACW.

15 LOM 149 Stone Base Blockhouse
The bottom floor is stone and the upper floor is log. The upper floor and roof both can be removed. The upper floor has three sides with loopholes. This is an excellent building and will be great for the AWI.

Of the buildings, they will move to the head of my painting table.

15 LOM 119 Colonial Civilians
These are great looking miniatures. Some could find use on both an AWI or an ACW table. Some are decidedly leaning more toward the AWI. In fact, these are designed for the French and Indian War. Of the ones that stand out is a useful chap with a shotgun holding a duck he has just killed. Several women with farm implements and a bull pulling a plow. These will be part of future scenarios to be sure.

All in all, I am thrilled with the purchase.

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