Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Trees and More Trees

I am not sure if I posted about a recent Etsy order. I found a person selling tree bases. These seemed useful and I placed an order. Here is what I received from them.

I had some of my existing pine tree bases laying about and had some time over the past couple of weeks to get started on them. I have completed 3 groups of trees so far with many more to go. One pine tree base is complete as well as two of the new bases. I am playing around with how to make the trees. I have several articles and youtube videos I am trying to emulate to varying degrees of success. I have these finished beyond this but only took a picture before flocking the pines and the other set.

I am starting to run into storage probelms with the trees. But the trees are getting better than my original efforts glued to a washer. I hope to get some more work done on them next week.

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