Monday, March 21, 2022

Quick Update

War of Jenkin's Ear Terrain

I completed another stand of Pine trees. This one had three tall pines on it. I have the basing done on another smaller pine group that will have 4 shorter pines. I still need to cut down and flock the trees. I also did the basing on a larger section of deciduous trees that will hold six or seven trees. I have the trees based and the trunks dealt with. I still need to do the upper portions of the trees and flock the bases. If all goes well, that can be wrapped up in a couple of hours.

What a Cowboy

I did have some additional hobby time and worked on getting some more paper buildings completed for What a Cowboy. I did a two story doctor's office and two houses from Eric Hotz's Whitewash City sets. I had considerable trouble with the chimney's in 15mm. They are very tiny. Also the pipes for the stoves were difficult. I ended up finding a paper Q-Tip length that I cut to size. I need to paint them to finish these off. There are a sidewalk set that comes with one of the collections from DriveThruRPG that I had purchased and made as well. They really add to the look. I am looking to build a few more houses, a ranch and some fences to complete the town that I have started. For a quick and cheap western town, these can't be beat. If I really wanted to put in the time, they could easily be as nice as some of the MDF terrain that is out there.

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