Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentines Day

Been a rough weekend and the week is hopefully going to be looking up. Dealt with a little Covid in the house over the weekend to keep things exciting. But the worst of it seems to be behind us.

I did get to finish a Game of Sharp Practice with my son over the weekend. Bending the rules a bit (because I lost my rulebook!) we combined what I could remember with my copy of the first edition of the rules, that I could find. My son managed to get both of his war canoes across the river and won the game. The Scout Boat took enough shock that they fled off down the river before I could manage their shock.

The scout boat is my 3d model printed by a friend with swivel guns attached from Thoroughbred Miniatures. They recently updated their website. The gallery shows some 15mm models but the store does not have them listed. They probably just haven't gotten to it yet.

It was a fun game but I really need to improve my swampy grount terrain. I have the plants to do it, I just need to spend the time.

I will work on some more trees before I run my next game. I bought some packs of MDF tree bases from Etsy. It is amazing the stuff you can find there. I have enough to cover about 3 square feet of table. Hopefully that gives me time to find the rulebook. Fortunately my opponent is both patient and a good sport about these things.

I have made some changes to the map for the Battle of Bloody Marsh based on my trip to Cumberland Island. I wish things were moving faster but such is life.

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