Thursday, March 10, 2022

Fantastically Quick Service and my What A Cowboy Project

I placed an order to Sarrissa Precision a few days ago and already received the product. It was delivered extremely fast. The buildings came with a nice painting guide as well. Very pleased with the service.

I ordered some row houes, row house gardens and a cantina. The first two are for some Normandy games I have been thinking of and the latter to prepare for What a Cowboy whenever it releases. At the same time I ordered from Sarrissa, I also ordered a Mexican force for What a Cowboy from Peter Pig. I have the makings of a nice little Mexican village. I have a church and a few low buildings. But the cantina looked really nice and I thought it would make a great addition. They have a few other western buildings that I would like but I held off for the time being.

What a Cowboy is really interesting to me due to the low figure count. That and Peter Pig's western offerings are interesting. They have big man packs that include mounted, dismounted and dead figure. Their minion packs have mounted, foot, dead and now a wounded pack. The dead and wounded are generic figures for the type. The foot and mounted come with either pistol or rifle armed. Some packs have shotguns. I have a few of these figures already. The plan is to have small forces that I can swap out figures for depending on their current state. Since the figure count is rather low (3 or so figures per side) this would work out well.

I have enough to play but I have wanted to field a Mexican force. I picked up the pistol armed figures and the Big Pedro figure. My existing force has a few lawmen and some bandits. My western terrain, besides the Mexican themed terrain, is all paper buildings from the wonderful White Wash City line. The price was right at the time and it didn't take too much effort to make terrain to fill a table to play a few games with my son. Now, though, I am looking at some of the options for MDF terrain and rethinking that strategy. I may have to revisit it. But for now, I have terrain to use.

For paper terrain, I have almost the entire set from Eric Hotz's Whitewash City. I know of 2 buildings that I am missing in his existing set but I only have about a dozen of them built. I think my other terrain are old JR Miniatures buildings.

In going through what I had completed, I pulled out the miniatures that I have. As it turns out, I have more painted figures than I thought. I have the makings of four groups and a group of civilians. The civilians were a gift from a wargaming friend in Canada (Thanks Mike!). I have not really based them yet. They are glued to a piece of computer motherboad material. I want to finish them off at some point. The signs and railings behind them are also from Mike as well.

The gangs will eventually be used for What A Cowboy. I have them painted in schemes where they will more or less match one another. I have one gang painted up with a leader in mounted, dead and foot poses. He then has 3 minions with two of them with dead figures. In the picture you will see that there are multiple basings used. This is because the tiny based ones were purchases off of ebay years ago. The ones based on US Pennies are the ones I painted up.

My second gang has five figures in it and one has a dead pose. The mounted leader figure is still on its painting stick. I also have five more dead figures to paint up. The third gang has two painted figures. I have two more unpainted figures for this gang. The last gang will be treated as lawmen. I have five of them painted with no dead figures... yet. The mounted leader figure is on the painting stick but not even undercoated.

I found someone's campaign game that they had set up using Whitewash city buildings. The doc they made had maps of various cities in fictional Fromme County, Nevada. is the location of the maps. The site is well worth checking out for some canned backgrounds to start a campaign. They did a great job with it.

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