Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Reading and other distractions

Things have slowed on the hobby front. Scouting events have taken most of my free time. With my son now in the Order of the Arrow, there are more events than ever. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My back may disagree after that last campout.

I started work on another paper building. This time it is the Brooklyn Hotel from the White Wash City line again. I made a mistake and didn't print out the roof. I corrected that but lacked the time to cut it out and glue it to the building. The main drawback of doing these buildings in paper at 15mm (1/100th scale) is the stove pipes. Rolling the paper ends up a mess and I am never able to get the angle cut correctly to glue it to the roof. As such, I am gathering plastic coffee stirrers. The ones that look like small straws. This should give me roughly the correct size. This still leaves the cone on top of the pipe. I haven't solved that yet and may just ignore it.

Trees are still a priority to wrap up the War of Jenkin's Ear book. I have some bases ready and tree trunks preped for foliage. I just need to make the time to work on them. Hopefully, that will happen this week. Once the current batch is completed, I will reevaluate how many more I will need. I am running into storage issues for the current ones that I have made. If I have enough coverage, I will push forward with the scenarios to wrap up the book.

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