Friday, September 10, 2021

Homeless Woodland Indians no more

The 15mm realator has just shown my tribes of Yemmassee Indians their new homes. They have placed a downpayment on two additional wigwams that are still with the builder.

These are the Acheson Creations buildings I got last week. In all, I am happy with them. I think the Lodge may be a bit small compared to the Wigwam but I am warming to these buildings.

Still have a few Indians for boat crews that are at the 50% stage. Also have another torch bearing one and two running with a ladder from the Blue Moon sets I bought.

For the naval battles, I have some more work to do. I have just paid off a friend with a resin printer to make some more ships for me. I have a 1/300 Galliot on my desk that I have not begun to paint. I also have several more half completed ships that need work on. I have made a checklist for the scenario book and am trying to make sure everything has a checkmark.

I have completed bases for trees that I haven't finished the tree trunks for yet. Who knows? Maybe i will get some more work done this weekend.

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